Acupuncture and Moxibustion English


    推拿 manipulation

    埋线疗法 thread embedding therapy

    新针疗法 new acupuncture therapy

    一指禅推法 Pushing Manipulation with One-finger Meditation

    滚法 Rolling Manipulation

    揉法 Kneading Manipulation

    摩法 Rubbing Manipulation

    擦法 Scrubbing Manipulation

    拿法 Grasping Manipulation

    按法 Pressing Manipulation

    平推法 Flat-pushing Manipulation

    按点法 Digital-pressing Manipulation

    击点法 Digital-striking Manipulation

    拍法 Patting Manipulation

    叩击法 Tapping Manipulation

    振法 Vibrating Manipulation

    搓法 Foulage Manipulation

    捻法 Holding-twisting Manipulation

    抖法 Shaking Manipulation

    抹法 Wiping Manipulation

    摇法 Rotating Manipulation

    扳法 Pulling Manipulation

    拔伸法 Traction and Counter-traction



    五脏 five organs

    六腑 six entrails

    三焦 three cavities

    精 vital energy nutriment and blood

    气 functional power

    津液 body fluid

    外感 extrnal infection

    六淫 six evils

    内伤 emotional evil effects

    七情 seven passions

    阴 negative elements

    阳 positive elements

    五行 five primary elements

    木生火 wood generates fire

    土克水 earth destroys water

    表证 dieases of the exterior

    里证 diseases of the interior

    寒证 diseases caused by cold

    热证 diseases caused by heat

    四诊 four diagnostic methods

    望诊 inspection

    闻诊 auscultation and olfaction

    问诊 inquiry

    切诊 pulse feeling and palpation


    八纲 eight principles of differentiating diseases

    阴阳 yin and yang

    表里 the exterior and interior of the body

    寒热 cold and heat

    虚实 insufficiency and excessiveness

    辨证施治 diagnosis and treatment

    诊脉 to feel the pulse palpation

    浮脉 floating pulse

    沉脉 collapsing pulse

    洪脉 full pulse

    数脉 rapid pulse

    迟脉 slow pulse

    弱脉 weak pulse

    涩脉 stagnant pulse

    畏寒 intolerance of cold

    恶寒 aversion to cold

    寒热往来 alternate spells of fever and chill

    壮热 strong heat

    灼热 burning heat

    烦热 fever with irritability and fidget

    潮热 tidal fever

    烦渴 fidget and thirst

    神昏 loss of conscious

    谵语 delirium


    自然标志取穴法 measurement with natural marks

    处方取穴原则 the basic principles for composition and prescription of the points

    循经取穴 to select the points from the remote area

    局部取穴 to select the points from the local area

    邻近取穴 to select the points from the vicinity

    阿是穴 "Ah shi" points

    针感 acupuncture feeling

    酸 soreness

    麻 numbness

    胀 distension

    重 heaviness

    热感 sense of warmth

    冷感 sense of coldness

    触电感 sense of electric shock

    经络感传现象 transmission of acupuncture feeling by the channels

    晕针 fainting on acupuncture

    滞针 sticking of the needle

    弯针 bending of the needle

    折针 breaking of the needle

    隔蒜灸 indirect moxibustion separated by garlic slice

    气功疗法 breathing exercises therapy

    按摩 massage


    阳维脉 Yang Wei channel

    十四经穴 the points of 14 channels

    经外奇穴 the extraordinary points

    舒张进针法 to insert the needle by stretching the skin with finger

    速刺法 method of rapid insertion of the needle

    留针 retention of the needle

    行针 manipulation of the needle

    出针 withdrawing of the needle

    得气 getting the Qi (or the feeling) of acupuncture

    补泻法 method of reinforcement and reduction

    提插补泻 to reinforce (or reduce) by lifting and thrusting the needle

    捻转 rotating the needle

    捻转补泻 to reinforce or reduce by rotating the needle

    开阖补泻 reinforcing or reducing by closing or enlarging the acupuncture hole

    平补平泻 normal reinforcement and normal reduction

    腧穴定位与取穴 location and measurement of point

    同身寸法 identical unit or proportional unit of the body

    指寸法 finger-length measurement

    中指同身寸法 middle finger identical unit

    拇指同身寸法 thumb identical unit

    骨度法 bone-length measurement


    项强 rigid neck

    抽筋 spasms of muscle

    胸闷 oppressed feeling in the chest

    痰咳 produtive cough

    干咳 dry cough

    短气 shortness of breath

    少气 asthenic breathing

    喘促 dyspnea and tachypnea

    痰鸣 asthma caused by excessive phlegm

    寒痰 cold phlehm

    虚热 fever due to deficiency

    五心烦热 heat sensation in chest, palmes and soles

    阴虚发热 fever due to deficiency of yin

    健忘 amnesia

    多梦 dreaminess

    盗汗 night sweat

    自汗 spontaneous perspiration

    气虚自汗 spontaneous sweating due to deficiency of vital energy

    阳虚自汗 spontaneous sweating due to deficiency of yang

    阴虚盗汗 night sweat due to deficiency of yin

    头重 heaviness of the head

    口噤 trismus

    失语 aphasia


    麻木 numbness

    昏厥 fainting spell

    手足厥冷 cold limbs

    口苦 bitterness in the mouth

    口臭 halitosis

    恶心 nausea

    反胃 regurgitation

    朝食暮吐 vomiting in the evening what was eaten in the morning

    噎嗝 dysphagia

    呃逆 hiccup

    吞酸 acid regurgitation

    嗳气 belching eructation

    嗳腐 belching with fetid odour

    伤食 indigestion caused by improper diet or overeating

    便溏 loose stool

    下痢清谷 diarrhea with fluid stool containing undigested food

    痞块 mass in the abdomen

    鼻衄 epistaxis

    便血 rectum bleeding

    小便频数 frequent urination

    小便失禁 incontinence of urine

    腰酸 sour in the loins

    腰痛 lumbago


    手三阴经 3 Yin channels of hand

    手太阴肺经 the lung channel of hand Tai Yin

    手少阴心经 the heart channel of hand Shao Yin

    手厥阴心包经 the pericardium channel of hand Jue Yin

    手三阳经 3 Yang channels of hand

    手太阳小肠经 the small intestine channel of hand Tai Yang

    手阳明大肠经 the large intestine channel of hand Yang Ming

    手少阳三焦经 the San Jiao channel of hand Shao Yang

    足三阴经 3 Yin channels of foot

    足太阴脾经 the spleen channel of foot Tai Yin

    足少阴肾经 the kidney channel of foot Shao Yin

    足厥阴肝经 the liver channel of foot Jue Yin

    足三阳经 3 Yang channels of foot

    足少阳胆经 the gall bladder channel of foot Shao Yang

    足太阳膀胱经 the urinary bladder channel of foot Tai Yang

    足阳明胃经 the stomach channel of foot Yang Ming

    奇经八脉 8 extraordinary channels

    督脉 Du channel

    任脉 Ren channel

    冲脉 Chong channel

    带脉 Dai channel

    阴跷脉 Yin Chiao channel

    阳跷脉 Yang Chiao channel

    阴维脉 Yin Wei channel


    艾条 moxa stick; moxa roll

    艾柱灸 moxibustion with moxa cone

    艾条灸 moxibustion with moxa roll

    温和灸 warming moxibustion

    雀啄灸 bird-pecking moxibustion(with moxa)

    直接灸 direct moxibustion

    无瘢痕灸 non-scarring moxibustion

    间接灸 indirect moxibustion

    隔姜灸 indirect moxibustion by placing a slice of fresh ginger between patient's skin and moxa.

    隔盐灸 indirect moxibustion by spreading a thin layer of salt between patient's skin and moxa.

    温针灸 acupuncture with warming the needle by moxa roll; or warming needle moxibustion.

    拔火罐 cupping therapy

    针刺麻醉 acupuncture anesthesia

    穴位注射 point injection

    鞘内注射 intrathecal injection

    关节内注射 intra-articular injection

    穴位封闭 point block

    封闭疗法 block therapy

    埋线疗法 catgut-embedding therapy

    经络 channels (and collaterals)

    腧穴 acupuncture points

    十二正经 12 regular channels


    梦遗 nocturnal emission

    滑精 spermatorrhea

    惊厥 fainting from fright

    流涎 salivation

    口糜 oral ulceration

    元气 primordial Qi

    宗气 pectoral Qi

    营气 nutritive Qi

    卫气 defensive Qi

    气机 functioning of Qi

    风邪 wind-pathogen

    寒邪 cold-pathogen

    暑邪 summer-heat pathogen

    湿邪 damp-pathogen

    燥邪 dry-pathogen

    火邪 fire-pathogen

    疠气 epidemic pathogenic factor

    瘀血 blood stasis

    正气 vital Qi

    邪气 pathogenic factor

    病机 pathogenesis

    阴阳失调 imbalance between Yin and Yang

    阴阳偏胜 relative excessiveness of Yin or Yang

    阳盛则热 heat syndrome due to an excess of Yang


    阴阳格拒 opposition and exclusion of Yin and Yang

    阴盛格阳 Yang kept externally by Yin-excess in the interior

    亡阴 Yin depletion

    气虚 deficiency of Qi

    气滞 stagnation of Qi

    气逆 reversed flow of Qi

    气陷 collapse of Qi

    气闭 blockage of Qi

    气脱 exhaustion of Qi

    血虚 deficiency of blood

    血瘀 blood stasis

    血热 blood heat

    气不摄血 failure of Qi to control flow of blood

    气随血脱 exhaustion of Qi resulting from hemorrhage

    内风 endogenous wind

    心血瘀阻 stagnation of the heart-blood

    肝气郁结 stagnation of the liver-Qi

    肝火上炎 flaming up of the liver-fire

    肝阳上亢 hyperactivity of the liver-Yang

    肝风内动 up-stirring of the liver

    肾气不固 unconsolidation of kidney-Qi

    肾阴亏虚 deficiency of the kidney-Yin

    肾阳不足 deficiency of the kidney-Yang

    真热假寒证 heat syndrome with pseudo-cold symptoms


    斜角刺 oblique insertion

    横刺 horizontal insertion

    点刺 prompt prick or quick pricking method

    透刺 joined puncture

    深刺 deep insertion

    浅刺 shallow insertion

    指切进针法 insertion of the needle aided with finger pressure

    夹持进针法 insertion of the needle by holding needle tip with thumb and index finger of the left hand

    捏撮进针法 insertion of the needle by pinching up the skin

    三棱针 three-edged needle

    梅花针 plum-blossom needle

    七星针 seven-star needle

    皮肤针 skin needle

    皮内针 intradermal needle

    火针 fire needle

    电针 electro-acupuncture

    埋针 needle-embedding

    耳针 auricular acupuncture

    头针 scalp acupuncture

    灸法 moxibustion

    一壮 one Zhuang

    艾绒 moxa down; moxa wool

    艾柱 moxa cone


    喘症 asthma

    失眠 insomnia

    心悸 palptation

    腹痛 abdominal pain

    黄疸 jaundice

    痹证 Bi syndrome

    痿证 Wei syndrome

    耳鸣 tinnitus

    痄腮 mumps



    针 needle

    针灸 acupuncture and moxibustion

    针灸科 Department of Acupuncture and Moxibustion

    针灸医生 acupuncturist

    针柄 handle of the acupuncture needle

    针体 body of the acupuncture needle

    针尖 tip of the acupuncture needle

    一寸针 1 cun needle

    半寸针 0.5 cun needle

    毫针 filiform needle

    针刺法 acupuncture; needle method

    进针 insertion of the needle

    垂直刺 perpendicular insertion


    表实证 exterior syndrome of excess type

    虚寒证 cold syndrome of deficiency type

    未病先防 preventive treatment of disease

    既病防变 control of the development of an existing disease

    治病求本 treatment aiming at the primary cause of disease

    正治法 routine treatment

    寒者热之 treatment of cold-syndrome with hot-natured drugs

    虚者补之 treatment of deficiency-syndrome by reinforcement

    反治法 treatment contrary to the routine

    热因热用 treatment of pseudo-heat syndrome with drugs of hot nature

    塞因塞用 treatment of obstructive disease with tonic drugs

    通因通用 treatment of discharging disease with purgatives

    急则治其标 relieving the secondary in an urgent case

    缓则治其本 removing the primary in a chronic case

    标本兼治 treating the primary and the secondary aspects at the same time

    扶正 supporting vital Qi

    祛邪 eliminating pathogens

    伤风 common cold

    流行性感冒 epidemic influenza

    流行性乙型脑炎 epidemic encephalitis B

    流行性脑脊髓膜炎 epidemic meningitis


    流行性腮腺炎 epidemic parotitis

    百日咳 whooping cough

    菌痢 bacillary dysentery

    间日疟 tertian malaria

    急性支气管炎 acute bronchitis

    支气管哮喘 bronchial asthma

    支气管肺炎 bronchopneumonia

    肺不张 atelectasis

    高血压 hypertension

    心肌梗塞 myocardial infarction

    心绞痛 angina pectoris

    胃炎 gastritis

    胃溃疡 gastric ulcer

    十二指肠溃疡 duodenal ulcer

    阑尾炎 appendicitis

    胃下垂 gastroptosis

    痔 hemorrhoid

    胆囊炎 cholecystitis

    胆石症 cholelithiasis

    急性胰腺炎 acute pancreatitis

    癫痫 epilepsy

    风湿性关节炎 rheumatic arthritis

    痛经 dysmenorrhea

    神经性皮炎 neurodermatitis


    远视 hyperopia

    近视 myopia

    鼻炎 rhinitis

    咽炎 pharyngitis

    喉炎 laryngitis

    脑溢血 cerebral hemorrhage

    偏头痛 migraine

    面瘫 facial paralysis

    肋间神经痛 intercostal neuralgia

    坐骨神经痛 sciatica

    三叉神经痛 trigeminal neuralgia

    神经衰弱 neurasthenia

    月经不调 menstrual disorder

    颈椎病 cervical spondylosis

    椎间盘突出症 prolapsed intervertebral disc

    网球肘 tennis elbow

    腱鞘炎 tenosynovitis

    胃痛 stomach ache

    神经痛 neuralgia

    胆绞痛 biliary colic

    便秘 constipation

    腹泻 diarrhea

    阳萎 impotence

    中风 apoplexy






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